How I clean and organize my kitchen drawers


I can’t believe it has been 5 years since we remodeled our kitchen.  I absolutely love cooking in it.

  I try to keep a regular schedule of cleaning it so I’m never overwhelmed by too much clutter or crumbs.



My kitchen drawers had their turn to get cleaned and straightened this week.  I usually do this two or three times a year. I’m not into having perfect drawers – just drawers where I can easily find what I want.  If I have to fumble around in my kitchen drawers too much, then I know that I have too much stuff.

I found that I do better if I only clean the drawers on one day and then do cabinets and pantry on another day.

I usually use drawer dividers for my utensils which keeps them separated and easy to find.

This is my regular utensil drawer.  I found this divider at the thrift store years ago.  It’s great and expands to fit my needs.  In the back, right side of the divider I have tea strainers and baby spoons (for the grandlittles).

  On the left side I have items I use for serving when we entertain.  Tongs, serving spoons, and chalkboard tags.


I bought a new attachment this week that I’m really happy with.  It attaches to my vacuum cleaner so I can quickly clean any crumbs or bits of lint without taking everything out of the drawers.  This is what I bought.  I’ve decided to keep this one to use just for my kitchen and I’ll buy another one to use in my car and around the house.  It seems easy enough to clean it, but I’d rather have a dedicated one for kitchen.


For the past few years, I’ve been slowly getting rid of plastic wear.  I have a few with very secure lids for lunchboxes but for the most part, I use vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes with glass lids or modern Pyrex with plastic lids.  I didn’t use dividers for this drawer because everything stacked together neatly.


This is a drawer where I store attachments and odds and ends.  I did some stacking and some dividers.  I like to use the sides and backs of the dividers as well.  Things I don’t use very often go towards the back.  Things I use all of the time go towards the front.



So, here is my drawer of plastic.  We have families with little children over to our home pretty frequently so I like to have an assortment of bowls, cups and sippy cups for meals and snack time.  It is low enough that the littles can reach what they need.  I did use an old Tupperware  container to house lids for the snack cups.  The orange cup and bowl set were mine when I was little.


I haven’t found the perfect divider for this utensil drawer, but just sorting wooden items from stainless items seems to work.  This drawer sits to the right of my stove so I have everything handy when I’m cooking.  I’ve been slowly replacing plastic utensils for stainless and wood.


This drawer is next to the stove also, but I don’t use these items as much.  They stay in a drawer that is lower and not as easily accessible.



This drawer holds my papers products I use while cooking or baking.  The other paper products are near where I pack lunches.


This drawer is not as easy to reach while cooking, but it is more handy than having these pans in a cabinet.



It only took me 30 minutes to straighten and clean 13 drawers in my kitchen.  I got rid of 6 things I didn’t need anymore.  I only worked on the drawers and will do cabinets and the pantry later.


Also, I didn’t do much with my small drawer that holds my pot holders.  That’s all there is in there and I will be replacing most of them soon.  I’ve used, abused, and washed them for years now.