Clearing Out The Old of 2018

After Christmas, my mind immediately goes to clearing out the old of the previous year and making room for the new year.

Now, when I say new, I’m not only talking about new stuff.  I want to make room for new opportunities.  New adventures.  New spaces.

Here’s my problem, though.  I find it hard to think when I have too many things in the way. Visual clutter just seems to clutter my brain.  It clutters it to the point when I can’t be prepared for anything new, including thoughts and plans

Soooo. . . I clear out the old things.   Here’s are some things that help me get rid of the stuff.


  1.  I go room-by-room, shelf-by-shelf-, drawer-by-drawer and look for things that are getting in my way.  I don’t want anything in my life that just takes up room.   Clothes I don’t wear, craft supplies I’m not using, books I’m not going to read again.  Those extra things take up a lot of room.  In my opinion, they have to earn their keep.  If they don’t serve a purpose, they have to go.

2. The kitchen is a place where I have a weak spot.  Because I like to cook, I tend to accumulate a lot of cooking gadgets.  If I look in a drawer and find things I  haven’t used in a year or two, it has to leave.  Now that Hubs and I are empty-nesters, I cook differently than I used to and my kitchen should show that change too.

I also try to keep items in zones.  My most frequently used items are kept in the “A” zones which are within arms reach.  Zone “B” is for items I only use monthly.  Zone “C” is for items I use for entertaining, and zone “D” is for items that are used seasonally (like Christmas dishes).


I bag everything up and make a list of what I am donating to use for my taxes.  An itemized list will give you more tax deductions than just a general receipt from  the donation center.  Taking photos doesn’t hurt either.  It also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you get rid of things that are cluttering up your life and your home.  I always feel like I’ve lost weight when I get the excess out of my home – and in a way, I have!


I hope this post inspires you to clear out some things in your home and your life.  If you do, please hop over to my Facebook page (Tidy Brown Wren) and leave a photo of what you are getting rid of.



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