Christmas Home Tour 2018 – Extra spaces

Welcome to Wren Acres.  It’s a rustic, cozy place.  Our front porch Christmas tree has mostly metal and wood ornaments to withstand the elements.  Wreaths don’t play nicely on our front door, so I use a tree to greet our guests.

Inside the foyer we have a small shelf which holds my snow globe collection.


The back porch is used by friends and family and a small grouping of lanterns welcomes them.  I keep the oil lanterns filled with oil.

A small table holds pine cones and a grapevine tree.

Our Christmas tree holds ornaments from the past 37 years and beyond.

Some of our parents’ and grandparents’ ornaments are hung as well as ornaments we’ve collected and made over the years.  Every ornament has a story.  The baby shoes of my children are my favorites.


It gets a little crowded in our home when all of our family and friends are visiting, but we move some furniture around and it works out well.

The bathrooms don’t escape a little bit of holiday decor.  The downstairs powder room just needs a few things.

A small towel, glittered sea star, and Christmas cactus find a home on the tub shelf.

I love this little tree.  It is decorated with items from our grandmothers.  Tiny blue ornaments and birds from my grandmothers and lace and trim from Hub’s grandmothers.  Beneath it is a heart shaped rock that I found on my first outing with my first grandchild.

I use this narrow curio cabinet as a china cabinet.  It holds my Christmas dishes during December.  I love my new sign by JanetLyn Designs.

The kitchen window sill holds a still-life of gardening to come with the greenhouse in the background.

The master bedroom doesn’t get much decor attention but we do love our flannel plaid pillow cases.  Our daughter made us the red Christmas pillow.

 I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  Thank you for allowing me to help bring order to your nest during 2018.


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