Wrensday: Sharing Is A Good Thing

I’m having to convince myself that sharing is a good thing.  It’s something my youngest grandson taught me.  Sometimes we don’t have a choice in sharing – people (or doggies) infringe on our rights and take what rightly belongs to us. How we respond to that infringement is what separates the “sharers” from the “non-sharers”.  When […]

Wrensday: Rescued Plants

I love to walk around my yard in the early summer and visit all of the blooming plants.  One of my favorites is the Clematis vine.  This particular variety blooms every few weeks all summer long.  I don’t know what variety it is because I got it from the clearance bin at Walmart.  It was […]

Spring Party Favors

Several readers have emailed me asking me what I used to make the party favors for my church’s women’s  event.  Here is my work table ready to assemble the little pots.  I like to set everything out and precut anything ahead of time so I can move quickly – assembly line like. I bought peat […]

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I’m still alive, just crazy busy.  Doesn’t it seem that life gets really busy as soon as spring arrives?  Last week I prepared for a WOW (Women of the Word) event at my church.  We had a great turnout on Saturday morning and spent a few hours enjoying fellowship and food (of course) and I was […]

Wrensday: What I’m Reading Right Now

Yup, it’s Thursday and I’m just now posting Wrensday (which should have been posted on Wednesday).  Yup, that’s how I’m rolling right now.  I always love to hear what people are reading.  You can learn a lot about a person by observing what they read.  You can also get a great lead on what your […]

Wrensday: Beauty After The Storm

Sunday afternoon was rainy and windy and even a 15 minute hail storm made it a bit noisy.  But the best part was what we saw afterward. . . All chickens, goats, and bees were accounted for and no harm was done.  The hail melted quickly because of the rain that came after it.  Yes, lots […]

Reminders Of His Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, my focus starts to turn towards hearts.  Not the bright red paper ones, but ones you would find in nature.  I’m always looking for heart shapes whenever I’m walking around our yard or out on a hike somewhere.  I decided to stroll through Pinterest today and find some […]

My Word For 2012

I’ve been contemplating what my word for 2012 would be.  2011 was quite an amazing year and I’ve been thinking that 2012 would just sort of be a shadow year.  You know, one of those years where you just live – nothing big happens.  You live in the shadow of what happened previously because it was so bright and shiny […]