My Tidy Brown Wren Shop

 I’ve been busy preparing for a Tidy Brown Wren Open House this coming Saturday, November 15th.   After all, what’s a mom to do when her last child moves out of the apartment over the garage?  It’s too great of a space to just leave empty.  Want a sneak peak?  Lots of treasures that are […]

New Ruffled Items In The Etsy Shop

  I’ve been having a great time upcycling skirts into fun things to sell in my Etsy shop.   First, this beautiful pillow was upcycled from a teen skirt.      This ballet bag was upcycled from a little girl’s skirt.     This bag sold a few minutes after I added it to the […]

My Favorite Projects of 2012

I love looking back on the past year and being reminded of what I accomplished during the past 12 months.  Getting back most of the feeling and function in my right leg was a big help in getting projects done.  Yay for physical therapy! Guest Room Redo: Right after Christmas last year, I started working on […]

Organizing Christmas Wrap

  I’m not ready to put away the Christmas decorations yet, but the Christmas wrappings were driving me nuts and I had to do something – and fast.   My studio had become the dumping ground for gifts and wrappings and it was a total mess.  Fortunately, I have a system, so it only took […]

Upcycled Window Seat Cushions

Everyone loves sitting on our window seat when they visit.  After all, not many homes have a window seat.  The problem with our window seat was that the cushions were too wimpy.  I made them 7 years ago when we first moved into our home.  I bought average cushion foam and it didn’t hold up […]