A Playhouse Story

Once upon a time a family bought a house that came with a wonderful little playhouse attached to the deck.  The youngest daughter in the family was married in the backyard of the home and used the playhouse as a backdrop for some of her wedding photos.  Read all about the wedding here. Alas, the […]

Organizing Christmas Wrap

  I’m not ready to put away the Christmas decorations yet, but the Christmas wrappings were driving me nuts and I had to do something – and fast.   My studio had become the dumping ground for gifts and wrappings and it was a total mess.  Fortunately, I have a system, so it only took […]

Monday Motivation: Working On The Dining Room

Here’s our last month of Monday Motivations for 2012.  If you’ve been following for the whole year, you would have cleaned and organized every room in your home and even your car.  That’s quite an accomplishment and deserves a prize – I’m grabbing some chocolate!  You know how this works. . . below is a […]