Tidy Brown Wren Updates

Good heavens, I haven’t blogged in months!  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on projects and blogging about them in my head!  This is going to be a major blog brain dump post – everything you didn’t want to know about our family life and activities at Brown Wren Acres. Let’s see. . […]

Pearls and Pistols

  This may offend some of you.  If you think it might offend you, please click to another post and read something else.  Thank you very much.   This past weekend I did something that I never thought I would do.   I shot a handgun – while wearing pearls.  Yup, pearls and pistols.   […]

The Christmas Card Saga

As our family grows larger, we seem to have a harder time getting everyone together for a family picture.  I was determined to get a good photo to use for our Christmas cards.    On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, all of the kids and grand kids came over after church and we gave it a […]

Sometimes Older Is Better

  Whoot!  I got a special package in the mail this week!       Ever since we moved into our house, I’ve been bothered by the hooks in our foyer.  Builder’s grade hooks in a handmade house – not good.    Thin, pokey (as in – if you back into them while standing in […]

Wrensday: Mamma Says

  Having a hungry 21 year old Marine living in our house has some advantages and some disadvantages.    Advantages: He can lift, move, or rearrange any furniture I need him to take care of.   He loves to cut the grass.   He takes the garbage out with a quick “Yes, Mam!”   I […]

Extra Uses For A Solar Lantern

  I received two solar lanterns as a birthday present from one of my daughters and son-in-laws.  They are a beautiful blue color with a great pattern.  They got them at Target.  Although designed to be used on a patio table or deck, I had to brainstorm ways to use them differently (is anyone surprised?) […]