Wrensday: Growing Greens Undercover

We’ve been eating greens from our garden all winter long.     How have we managed that?     By gardening undercover.     We’re growing spinach, lettuce, pok choy,  swiss chard, collards, and kale.  You can see that some of our lettuce has gone to seed because it has been such a warm winter for […]

Wrensday: Mamma Says

  Having a hungry 21 year old Marine living in our house has some advantages and some disadvantages.    Advantages: He can lift, move, or rearrange any furniture I need him to take care of.   He loves to cut the grass.   He takes the garbage out with a quick “Yes, Mam!”   I […]

Roasted Okra

Got okra?  Well, our neighbor had tons of it and came to our backdoor with a 5 gallon bucket filled with the pods.  I washed a bunch of it by scrubbing each pod with a green scrubby pad to remove the hairy coating.   I cut off the top and bottom of each pod and […]

Making Peach Jam

Our friends have a peach tree in their yard that has been producing lots of peaches.  They brought some to church and I happily loaded up. I peeled and chopped the peaches, added some sugar and lemon juice, and then started boiling away.  I had 8 cups of chopped peaches and I added 4 cups of […]

Making Green Smoothies

Our grandsons stayed with us for a few days last month while Mommy and Daddy moved from a condo into a house (yay for a backyard to play in!).  Littlest one was not in a mood to eat and being the overly protective grandma that I am, I decided to take matters into my own […]

How To Make Refreshing Lemon Balm Tea

I first discovered Lemon Balm when we bought our house several years ago.  It had been planted near the front door and looked like a weed to me.  After doing some research, I found that Lemon Balm is in the mint family (so it’s not so far from the “weed” category).  It spreads easily and […]

Apple Cake: A Family Favorite

Whenever the cool breezes of fall start blowing, my tummy starts yearning for apple cake.   My mother-in-law always made this cake and it is definitely a family favorite. It takes a little bit of time to put together, but it’s surely worth every bit of effort. First, I peel and slice about 6 large apples.  […]

Yummy Green Tomato Relish

I’ve had a lot of green tomatoes to deal with, thanks to Hurricane Irene.  She blew the green tomatoes right off my plants.  I picked them up off the ground, brought them into the kitchen and got to work making a yummy green tomato relish.  I’m generally not a pickle or relish eater, but this is […]

How To Can Tomatoes

So, you’ve been growing tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. What to do with them? How about canning them? To get started, you’ll need a few things: 1.  A large cutting board – I like to use one with a “drip catcher” all around because the tomatoes are very juicy.  I also put a kitchen towel under […]