Tidy Brown Wren Updates

Good heavens, I haven’t blogged in months!  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on projects and blogging about them in my head!  This is going to be a major blog brain dump post – everything you didn’t want to know about our family life and activities at Brown Wren Acres. Let’s see. . […]

Wrensday: Growing Greens Undercover

We’ve been eating greens from our garden all winter long.     How have we managed that?     By gardening undercover.     We’re growing spinach, lettuce, pok choy,  swiss chard, collards, and kale.  You can see that some of our lettuce has gone to seed because it has been such a warm winter for […]

Wrensday: The Last Of The Garden

      Our veggie garden was TERRIBLE this year.  I’m not sure what happened, but we had pitiful harvests of tomatoes, beans, and peppers.  That was until now – at the end of the season.  Suddenly, veggies are starting to appear.      Last week, before Hurricane Sandy approached, I harvested a few potatoes, […]

Roasted Okra

Got okra?  Well, our neighbor had tons of it and came to our backdoor with a 5 gallon bucket filled with the pods.  I washed a bunch of it by scrubbing each pod with a green scrubby pad to remove the hairy coating.   I cut off the top and bottom of each pod and […]

Wrensday: Nesting Wrens

The Wrens have been super busy here at Brown Wren Acres.  Every time I go to grab my gardening gloves outside of the back door, the mother Wren lets me know that I’m too close to her expanding family.  She’s decided to take over the little gardening cubby where I keep my tools and gloves […]

Wrensday: Enjoying The Sunflowers

Our sunflowers were amazing this year.  They reseeded from last year’s sunflowers – I didn’t even plant them!  They grew well over 12 feet tall.  After the severe storms a week or so ago, many of the stalks were blown over – some even snapping in two.  We staked up the bent over stalks and […]

How To Build Vertical Supports For Your Garden

I’ve gotten a late start on getting some of my veggies into the garden.  I’ve already planted potatoes, lettuce, sugar snap peas, and pepper plants.  All that’s left is green beans, cucumbers, squash, and cantaloupe.  I wanted to grow the green beans and cucumbers vertically, so that meant that Hubs and I needed to decide on […]

Wrensday: Rescued Plants

I love to walk around my yard in the early summer and visit all of the blooming plants.  One of my favorites is the Clematis vine.  This particular variety blooms every few weeks all summer long.  I don’t know what variety it is because I got it from the clearance bin at Walmart.  It was […]