Monday Motivation: Working On The Dining Room

Here’s our last month of Monday Motivations for 2012.  If you’ve been following for the whole year, you would have cleaned and organized every room in your home and even your car.  That’s quite an accomplishment and deserves a prize – I’m grabbing some chocolate!  You know how this works. . . below is a […]

Monday Motivation: Organizing The Laundry Room

November is here and that means time to organize the laundry area.  I’ve collected all of the laundry organizing posts from last year and combined them here to get you motivated.    Putting Your Thoughts Together About Laundry Room Organizing I’ve chosen November as the month to cover the topic of organizing the laundry room. source So, this […]

Monday Motivation: How To Maintain A Clean Garage

I’ve enjoyed the email conversations I’ve been having with several of you, my readers,  about cleaning out garages. It seems that the universal dilemma of garage owners is how to clean out the garage and keep it cleaned out. Garages were designed to store things.  True, originally they were designed to store vehicles, but we […]