What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I’m still alive, just crazy busy.  Doesn’t it seem that life gets really busy as soon as spring arrives?  Last week I prepared for a WOW (Women of the Word) event at my church.  We had a great turnout on Saturday morning and spent a few hours enjoying fellowship and food (of course) and I was […]

Our First Bee Swarm

Usually, the honeybees in our back yard are housed in a bee hive.  They are very well behaved and work hard without much ado. However, sometimes they get an itch to high tail it out of the hive and search for greener grass.  When they do, they meet for an organizational meeting at a nearby […]

More Clucking And Buzzing

We’ve welcomed a few new girls into the chicken pen for a few days.  We’re chicken sitting for some friends from church until they get their chicken accommodations built.   They’ve been very good little cluckers.  Scratching and roaming and getting along just fine. I did have to run outside once this morning (in my […]