Wrensday: Digging Holes

      There’s always something that needs fixing here at Brown Wren Acres.  Right now the most urgent project is a new fence enclosure for the chickens and goats before the weather gets too cold.    We had to move the chickens to the front of the property because the varmints who live in […]

Sometimes Older Is Better

  Whoot!  I got a special package in the mail this week!       Ever since we moved into our house, I’ve been bothered by the hooks in our foyer.  Builder’s grade hooks in a handmade house – not good.    Thin, pokey (as in – if you back into them while standing in […]

Monday Motivation: Organizing The Laundry Room

November is here and that means time to organize the laundry area.  I’ve collected all of the laundry organizing posts from last year and combined them here to get you motivated.    Putting Your Thoughts Together About Laundry Room Organizing I’ve chosen November as the month to cover the topic of organizing the laundry room. source So, this […]