Making Peach Jam

Our friends have a peach tree in their yard that has been producing lots of peaches.  They brought some to church and I happily loaded up. I peeled and chopped the peaches, added some sugar and lemon juice, and then started boiling away.  I had 8 cups of chopped peaches and I added 4 cups of […]

Wrensday: Nesting Wrens

The Wrens have been super busy here at Brown Wren Acres.  Every time I go to grab my gardening gloves outside of the back door, the mother Wren lets me know that I’m too close to her expanding family.  She’s decided to take over the little gardening cubby where I keep my tools and gloves […]

Two Tricks To Help You Handle Paper Piles

Over the past few months I’ve been repeatedly asked one question by friends, clients, and random people who find out I’m a Professional Organizer. “How do I handle the piles of paperwork I have all over my house?” What I’m finding is that people are overwhelmed with their paperwork but are afraid to do anything […]

Making Green Smoothies

Our grandsons stayed with us for a few days last month while Mommy and Daddy moved from a condo into a house (yay for a backyard to play in!).  Littlest one was not in a mood to eat and being the overly protective grandma that I am, I decided to take matters into my own […]

Wrensday: Sharing Is A Good Thing

I’m having to convince myself that sharing is a good thing.  It’s something my youngest grandson taught me.  Sometimes we don’t have a choice in sharing – people (or doggies) infringe on our rights and take what rightly belongs to us. How we respond to that infringement is what separates the “sharers” from the “non-sharers”.  When […]

Monday Motivation: Organizing Your Bookshelves

How are you doing with getting your family room/living room organized this month?  I’ve been busy with helping several clients get their homes and closets organized, but I did manage to go through my bookshelves.  I removed everything from the shelves, dusting and vacuuming as I went.  As I removed each item, I evaluated whether […]

Starting The Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is not a project to be taken lightly – or quickly. Hubs and I have been talking about a kitchen remodel since before we moved into our house almost 7 years ago.  We didn’t want to move too quickly on making any changes and we agreed to live in the house for […]

Wrensday: Enjoying The Sunflowers

Our sunflowers were amazing this year.  They reseeded from last year’s sunflowers – I didn’t even plant them!  They grew well over 12 feet tall.  After the severe storms a week or so ago, many of the stalks were blown over – some even snapping in two.  We staked up the bent over stalks and […]