New Purses In The Etsy Shop

Braving wind and temps in the 70’s today, I finally got my new purses and bags photographed and listed in my Etsy shop.  Just joking. . . it was a beautiful day. I’m really excited about these new bags.  They were a lot of fun to make. This first one was made from an upcycled […]

Thrifted Finds To Cheer Up The Kitchen

I was supposed to be shopping for a bedside table.  Ahem. . . a bedside table. . . not dishes.  See, if I went to a regular furniture store instead of a thrift store, I wouldn’t have this problem.   They don’t sell dishes in furniture stores, but they also don’t have very interesting bedside tables […]

It’s amazing how God works through His people to get a job done. A few weeks ago at my Bible study, a friend mentioned that she and her husband were going to Honduras to help with an orphanage there.  She was asking us to donate small stuffed animals or “lovies” to take with her to the […]

How To Make Clay Tags

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in clay lately. Rolling and stamping.  Poking and shaping.  Baking and Sanding. It’s a bit of a process, but the the Fimo clay is very easy to work with and I’ve been having a great time trying out a new medium.   I bought mine at Walmart in their craft […]

Fixing Up A Plastic Bakery Cover

 While thrifting one day last week, I came across an old bakery cover like you would have found covering cakes and other types of pastry goodies at a diner. What I liked about the cover was it’s size – nice and big.  I have an old aluminum cover that was my grandma’s but it is […]

How To Recycle Ribbon

We received a beautiful fruit basket from Harry & David for a Christmas present.  With the whole gang at the house for several days, the basket was emptied pretty quickly.  All that was left was the basket (which I’m using on the kitchen island) and the grosgrain ribbon.  You know how I can’t stand to […]

Wrensday: I’m Dreaming Of A Veggie Garden

I’ve been browsing through my seed, plant, and bulb catalogs this past week and I’m so ready for spring.  I can’t wait for the tiny sprouts of green to start popping up through the brown dirt.  It makes me giddy. Speaking of giddy – get a load of these tomatoes.  Couldn’t you just drool?  I […]

Fun New Etsy Items

I’ve been working on several items for my Etsy shop and I finally got them photographed and entered into the shop. This was a fun project.  An upcycled evening bag got a punch of color from a floral skirt and several men’s dress shirts (the rolled flowers).  This next one is just a preppy little wool purse with vintage buttons […]