Wrensday: Unexpected Pop Of Color

I tend to choose neutral colors when I decorate.  I love colors, but prefer to live with a calmer backdrop.  Case in point: my kitchen island and stool with only a red dish towel and bowl to add color. Imagine my surprise when I found a bright green stool at a consignment shop and fell […]

Spending Your Time

Here’s a thought that’s been rolling around in my head lately. . . How much time does a certain activity take up in my life? How much time do I spend: on the computer? watching TV? praying for others? talking on the phone? reading my Bible? helping others? exercising? shopping? For the past several weeks I’ve […]

Wrensday: Mushroom Parade

With all of the rain and moisture we’ve had lately, the mushrooms are really having a party. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a variety of mushrooms in my yard before. This one was huge.  It showed up overnight. White ones with curled up edges. Pretty red ones growing in clusters. Large ones, so […]

How To Keep Your Slipcovers Looking Neat

If you are the proud owner of an ugly sofa, then you know how important slipcovers are. Problem is, whenever you sit on your slipcover, it gets all catywhompus.  (Apparently spell check doesn’t acknowledge catywhompus as a word, but I use it all the time, so it must be a word) Well, thanks to one […]