Touches of Summer

I love to rearrange things.  I really like to rearrange furniture, but in our current home, it is not feasible. Since I can’t rearrange furniture, I rearrange stuff. People ask me how I find the time.  Well, I rearrange whenever I dust.  Since I have to pick up an item to dust under it, I […]

Better Than Cupcakes

Tomatoes ( and a bowl of garlic) gather on a cupcake stand.   What could be a better Summer decoration!? Do you think the tomatoes on the window sill are jealous? Don’t forget to enter the 500th post give-away:  Here are the rules: 1. The give-away starts on July 25, 2011 and ends on July […]

Why I Haven’t Been Following A Menu Plan

Are you shocked by the title?  Me, the lover of lists and schedules, not following a menu plan?  If you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted a two-week dinner menu for awhile now.  Why?  Well, I’m trying something new. Our family’s life has changed quite a bit lately.  Our budget has changed because I’m not back to […]

New Blog Look And A Giveaway

Do things look a bit different around here?  I’ve been wanting to try a different blog header for awhile and decided to try to do one myself.  I almost had to break down and call in a professional but I managed to get it done.  Also, a new link above lists all of the workshops […]

New Aprons For The Etsy Shop

I’ve been having a great time creating new aprons for my Etsy shop. This apron was made from a moo-moo (I’m not joking). This one just says “Summer” to me.  Who doesn’t need a work apron?  Practical and cute! Now, back to my sewing machine. . .

Wrensday: Mid July At “The Wren”

It’s mid July – hazy, hot, and humid. The yard at “The Wren” is in full swing.  In addition to the veggie garden, we’ve got bees, flowers, and chickens to observe. Here, “the girls” are hanging out on their front porch after dinner. This is my favorite color of all of the zinnias.  It glows […]

Summer Garden Pizza

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels just too hot to eat a heavy meal.  Our family welcomes a lighter fare on the dinner table during the dog days of Summer. Here’s one our favorites – Summer Garden Pizza Here’s what I started out with:            -homemade pizza dough (see recipe below)          -garden […]

Monday Motivation: Family Room Storage Options

Our Monday Motivation this week is too look at storage options for the Family room.  Don’t be afraid to try furniture and items that are usually found in other rooms of the house. How about a trunk for a coffee table.  It doubles as a table and storage.    Source:  Better Homes and Gardens An antique […]