Can’t Resist A Smiling Chicken

When I arrived home from the hospital last week, I was greeted by a smiling chicken next to the front door. My sweet daughter and son-in-law had picked up this cutie and brought him to The Wren. I put him on the back porch so I could enjoy looking at him more. After all, who […]

Eating To Heal The Body

After my recent 6 day stay in the hospital, I was more than ready to return home and eat nutritious foods.  It seemed very weird to me that I was in a state of the art teaching hospital, having a miracle kidney transplant, but being fed inferior food to nourish my body. The first foods I […]

A Little Bit of Easter Color

Easter will be a bit subdued this year as we won’t be having a large celebration in our home.  But, thanks to a few decorations and lots of flowers from friends and family, we can still celebrate the holiday with a little bit of festiveness. Begonias and pollen African violets in three different colors. I […]

Tweaking The Spring Mantle

A few weeks ago I decided to “lighten up” the accessories on my mantle.  I added several fun things in lighter tones of aqua and off white.  But, something wasn’t right.  The stars weren’t right.  Too dark.   I like the string of barbed wire across the fireplace because it fills in the large expanse of […]

Monday Motivation: Bedroom Storage Solutions

You only had a holiday from Monday Motivation last week because I was having a kidney transplant!  Now, let’s get back to work! When we last got together, we were evaluating the bedroom to see what worked and didn’t.  Hopefully you’ve decluttered, moved out unnecessary furniture, and made any necessary repairs to the room. Now, we […]

How To Beef Up Small Artwork

Whenever I polish my floors, I always rearrange furniture and accessories. One of the areas that needed a bit of tweaking was this corner.  I moved the wall unit over to the right and the corner was looking a little bit “off”. The artwork seemed too high, off center, and too small. I snooped around my […]

A Sweet Arrival At The Wren

We got a phone call from the United States Postal Service.  A package had arrived at the post office and needed to be picked up immediately. Twelve thousand buzzing bees came through the postal service in nothing but a screened in wooden box.  Yikes!  The postal workers were very happy to see my husband and […]