Is It Called Nesting Even When You’re Not Expecting A Baby?

I’ve been nesting a lot recently. Cleaning out closets, cabinets, and drawers. Washing windows, scrubbing floors, polishing furniture. Rearranging furniture, swapping out accessories, fluffing pillows. Hugging people, saying “I love you”, and rejoicing in God’s blessing. Why? Because 2 weeks from today, I’ll be getting a second chance at life. You could call it a […]

Monday Motivation: How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

You’ve worked hard all month to get your bathroom organized. First, you took inventory of how your bathroom functions. Then, you organized the medicine cabinet. Then, you cleaned out the cabinets and drawers. Now that everything is purged and organized, how do you clean it and keep it that way?                                                                   I think the secret to a clean bathroom […]

Two Week Menu: March 27- April 9, 2011

Oops.  I should have posted this yesterday, but sleep took over my weary body again.  Please forgive me the delay. Sunday, March 27:  No kids!  Date with Hubs.Monday, March 28:  Pasta E Fagioli (leftover from last week),  homemade Italian breadTuesday, March 29:  Veggie Quiche, fruit salad, pumpkin muffinsWednesday, March 30:  Tuna burgers, spinach salad, baked […]

Wrensday: New Residents At The Wren

My how the times have changed. A few years ago when we first got chickens we called them “members of the family” and  I set about to name them. How did we pick their names?  Well I decided to name them after our grandmothers:  Gwennie, Gertie, Bertie, and Elsie (after Gwen, Gertrude, Bertha, and Elsie Marie) […]

It’s Seed Planting Time

I’ve been taking care of some babies. They are just about ready to head off into the real world. I took these pics just last week and now all of the seeds have sprouted and the plants have doubled in size.  I’ll be moving them out to the garage to live under the grow lights. […]