Just Call Me Trigger Happy

I was so excited to have a warm, non-windy day this week.  And you know what that means? Spray paint! I have been trigger happy;  itching to get my hands on cans of spray paint once again.  I decided to start on a smaller project and work my way up to harder projects. Here’s what […]

Undercover Gardens

I’ve been trying something different in my Winter garden.  Well, I guess the different idea is that I actually have a Winter garden.   I usually pull up all of the old plants in the Fall, let the garden sit idle all Winter, and then plant more veggies in the Spring.  The problem with Spring gardens […]

The Vase Makes All The Difference

Remember the vase of flowers from yesterday’s post?  The flowers I set aside to rearrange later? I did get around to rearranging them and I thought I’d show you the changes I made. This vase was full of two sets of wrapped flowers (you know, they come already bunched together, bound with a rubberband, and wrapped […]

Rock-what-you-got Muffin Recipe

Back before Christmas I was given a huge amount of persimmons.  In the area I live in, Fuyu persimmon trees produce fruit in the Fall and a small tree can produce a lot of fruit.  The persimmon fruit looks like an orange tomato, but inside, it is firm like a plum.  It is rather sweet, having […]

Fresh Decor For Late Winter

Well, cabin fever is beginning to set in.  I’ve been trapped in the house for a few weeks now and I’m feeling good enough to start rearranging the house.  Hubs never knows what he’s going to find when he returns home from work in the evening.  Last month I swung into a little thrift store […]

Wrensday: Flower Power

God has blessed me with some amazing friends.  They are much better friends to me than I am to them.  I really don’t deserve them! Upon arriving home from the hospital last week, I was greeted with beautiful flowers that had been delivered to the house.  Isn’t it amazing how much flowers cheer you up?  […]

A Different Valentine Present

Because I haven’t been able to drive since my surgery, I was at a loss as to how to make Valentine’s day special for my husband and son. Since they both love peanuts, I decided to make a special presentation of a bag of peanuts I had in the pantry.  They’ve been happily nibbling on the […]