Taming Your Wild Calendar

I want to welcome my new friends from the Living Wholly For God Seminar.  I think the ladies at Providence Presbyterian did a wonderful job setting everything up and and providing the tasty meals. I’m so glad I got to meet many of you and I hope you found my presentation to be helpful and […]

New Etsy Items In The Shop

Well, I’ve been having a fun time in my craft “studio”.  Now that I have a fancy schmancy work area,  thanks to my Christmas present from Hubs, I can call my craft room a “studio”.  Doesn’t it sound important? I finally completed three items and was able to photograph them on Tuesday thanks to a […]

Wrensday: Digging Up Treasures

My husband and son were clearing out a section of our wood storage area and they uncovered an old plywood box that had been partially buried by some of the wood.  They opened up the box to find old electrical wires and switches.  They removed everything from the box and found, at the very bottom, […]

My First Award

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from a friend (in blog life and real life) stating that I had been given a Stylish Blogger Award.  Who, me? Cindy, from Dwellings, gave me the award.  She is such a sweet person and a very talented homemaker.  Thanks for the “shout out”, Cindy.  In order […]

Cleaning Out The Craft Closet

I’ve been organizing again.  Are you surprised?  This week, I tackled two closets.  My coat closet is done and I’ll show you the before and after pics on Monday.  I also worked on my fabric closet.  I gained an extra closet when my son moved over to the apartment over our garage.  I wasted no […]

Elevating Decor

Sometimes when I’m decorating my home, I’m frustrated my the “smallness” of my items.  Small items seem to get lost on a table or shelf.  They also tend to seem to add to the visual clutter I see.   To remedy this problem, I combine items to make more of a statement. Below is an arrangement on my sideboard.  […]

Introducing Blessed Brown Wren

This past weekend I finally jumped in with both feet and started another blog.  I will still be blogging on Tidy Brown Wren 4-5 times a week but I wanted a separate place to write about what God is doing in my life. So without further babbling, I want to introduce you to . . […]