Where do I blog?

I saw this fun party over at Kate’s blog called Centsational Girl.  I just drool over her home office.  Let me tell you, this girl’s got class.  Anyway, she’s having a party where you can post pics of the places you blog.  I had never given it much thought, but I do tend to blog […]

Seasonal shopping and planning

                                                                                                          Source:  Country Living Where did the summer go?  Didn’t it just seem like we were pulling out the summer decorations, bathing suits, and lawn chairs? If you’ve noticed, the stores are already full of Halloween, Harvest, and Christmas decorations.  But, hidden in dark corners, on the back sides of shelves, and counters by the […]

Yes, even tissue boxes must be cute.

If you’re expecting today’s blog post to be inspiring, useful, or helpful – well, you’ll be dispapointed.  Sorry. Today’s post is trivial and bordering on weird but I’m just keeping it real here at The Wren. Today, I’m going to show you how I major on the minors, so to speak.  Here’s what I do when my […]

Upcycled camera strap

I’ve been wanting to make one of those cute camera straps for my camera that I’ve been seeing all around the blog world.  Lots of cute fabrics and ruffled patterns.  Problem is, my Hubs uses my camera sometimes and he’s not too keen on cute and ruffly (except on me!). So, I looked around my […]

Wrensday: Hibiscus beauty

When we moved to our property almost 5 years ago I was determined to bring some of the plants I had nurtured at our old home to our new home.  Our friends were gracious enough to “plant sit” for us for the 3 months we lived in an apartment, while looking for a home.  They […]

You’ve got to try: fresh nutmeg

Several years ago I received a gift from a friend who vacationed in St. Thomas.  She brought me back a jar of whole nutmeg.  It came with a tiny grater tied to it.  I tried out freshly grated nutmeg the very next time I made homemade applesauce.  The fresh nutmeg put the old powdered nutmeg I […]

Monday Motivation: Gaze upon what is orderly

I came across a fun website that made me smile.  It’s called Things Neatly Organized.  I’ve always liked places and things that are neatly organized.  Libraries, grocery stores, hardware stores, museums, magazines, encyclopedias.  If things were lined up, stacked up, color coordinated, or in alphabetical order then I was in my happy place. When I looked […]

Three things I know

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to inform you of three things I know.  Well, I know a lot of other things but these three things are super important for me right now.  But first, a little history: If you’ll remember several months ago I let you know that I have an inherited kidney […]

New kind of wall art

Here’s the latest in wall decor for your kitchen. What?  You don’t have a jar lifter hanging from your kitchen cabinet knob? I’ve been hanging it there for convenience, while I can these: I’ve still got a few weeks more of canning to do so I think I’ll just keep it up there until it’s […]

Moon flowers show off

So many of the plants in my garden are colorful, hardworking plants. And then others, like the Moon flower, are just plain show offs. Each Moon flower bloom opens as the sun sets and stays in bloom until the sun climbs high the next day.  Show off! It reseeds itself and pops up anywhere it […]