How to make new metal look old quickly.

We finally finished a much needed chore in the butterfly garden. This particular side of our house faces our driveway and parking pad and looked weird because it had no windows or architectural details – just lots of plain siding. To remedy that, we bought a wonderful rusty arbor/gate and placed it in the center […]

Canning tomatoes: easier than I thought

My garden is finally starting to produce tomatoes. I grew heirloom tomatoes from seed for the first time and it has been a learning experience. The hardest part was keeping moles/voles away from them one they were transplanted into the garden. I planted 6 Beefsteak plants and only have 2 left. I planted 12 Amish […]

Wrensday: Garden helper

I found a little helper out in the garden. This is a zipper spider or black and yellow garden spider. These spiders won’t hurt humans and they do eat other bugs. This web reminds me of the webs Charlotte would weave in the book Charlotte’s Web. I shall name our spider Charlotte (I’ve read they […]

What’s rocking my world right now?

Can you sit for a spell and visit with me?  I’ll fix us some sweet tea and we can chat. This past week has been an emotional roller coaster for me.  Usually I don’t share my personal problems with my blog readers but I’ve learned something important that I simply feel I must share.  It’s rocked […]

Stories with Papa

We’re big readers at our house. There are books in every nook and cranny. When our grandsons visit we pull out books we think they would enjoy. This photo was taken early one morning during their last visit.  The sun was just coming up and J wanted some Papa time.  So, still in their pjs, […]

Serendipitous Solution

A few weeks ago we had Vacation Bible School at our church. I taught the 3 and 4 year olds for the week.  One of my student’s moms brought in a basket of handmade quilted items as gifts for the teachers. I chose an adorable key chain that had chickens on it (of course). The mom […]

Wrensday: New Family Members

We must be losing our minds. Hubs woke up Saturday morning and said “Honey, let’s go get another chicken today”. Then after our morning coffee he said “Honey, maybe we’ll get two”. I agreed, because we do need more chickens.  Our two current “girls” can’t keep up with the amount of eggs we need.  Also, […]

Tidy Brown Wren news: Facebook Fan Page

I’ve been playing around on the computer during the day when I should be cleaning my house. I decided to start a Tidy Brown Wren Facebook fan page to show off some of the organizing, staging, and upcycling projects I’ve worked on.  Check it out and let me know what you think. Tidy Brown Wren’s […]