How to make a covered wagon

Well, Daily Vacation Bible School is finished.  I survived! We had a great week with all of the children.  I taught the 3-4 year olds and our church used the SBC curriculum (Southern Baptist).  It was called Saddleridge Ranch and had a western theme.  I don’t like to spend the church’s money on decorations for […]

Monday Motivation: Kitchen cabinets refreshed

I’m taking care of a few indoor projects this week as the triple Hs (hazy, hot, humid) have arrived here in southeast Virginia.  This week I’m taking care of all of my cabinets.  Actually, I’m cleaning them inside and out but that may be too much for you to handle if your children are underfoot […]

Compost upgrade

I finally replaced my old system for collecting kitchen scraps for my compost pile. I spent a fun date day with my youngest daughter (who’s getting married in October).  We shopped and thrifted to our hearts content. We visited a World Market about an hour from our home to see what kind of treasures we […]

Eating safe produce

When my daughter visited last week from Boston, she noticed all of the changes I had made in food purchases since she last visited.  She was wondering if buying organic really makes a difference.  YES, it does. The Environmental Working Group  points out that if we eat the daily 5 servings of some fruits and vegetables (not […]

Wrensday: Gardenia heaven

As if the flowers weren’t enough, God gives us a heavenly aroma to enjoy. I bought 2 gardenia bushes at Home Depot 2 years ago and planted them in our butterfly garden courtyard.  They are called a daisy gardenia.  The flowers are very simple but the aroma. . . ahhh. . . the aroma is […]

Tower of Trays

I hope your family enjoyed a Happy Father’s Day.  We were able to have a nice dinner with many family members.  It’s always a blessing to have several generations under one roof at the same time.  Even if some of the members are only visible through Skype. Since the dads in our family prefer things […]

Plant markers

I’ve been busy planting flowers in my gardens.  My goal is to have decent looking gardens for my daughter’s October wedding in our backyard. I planted some Dahlia bulbs and I needed a way to mark them until they are big enough to not be mistaken for a weed.  *Sometimes my family helps me weed […]

Make ahead Tortellini Salad

We enjoy most Summer meals on our screened porch.  We all enjoy eating this salad with salmon.  I like serving this during the Summer because I can make it ahead of time and also, it takes the place of several side dishes because of its blend of veggies and pasta. This dressing recipe is also […]