Updates from Brown Wren Acres

I’ve had a few readers ask me about updates on various things around “The Wren”.  So here are some updates you asked for and some you didn’t ask for . Baby Jay is all grown up now and his Mama has stopped chasing us around the yard. Suzie has gotten out of her broody funk […]

Simple rules off addition

I’ve had an area in my family/dining room that needed a little sumpin-sumpin. It’s an awkward space where the dining area merges with the living area.  The floor transitions from brick to wood and there is an exposed outlet for all of the world to see. I found a tall basket at the thrift store […]

My fight for cherries

I’ve been waiting for this moment for 4 years.  Every year I’ve waited for this and had my hopes dashed. We planted cherry trees 4 years ago.  We were very excited.   We could almost taste their deliciousness.  But disappointment was always around the corner.  Two year ago we had our first cherries.  We were giddy […]

New table for screened porch

I’ve been looking for a little table to put in my back screened porch to hold my indoor plants during the summer.  Indoor plants need a little vacation outdoors during the summer to rejuvenate them.  My plants are rather small and tend to look cluttered when just sitting around on the porch.  I figured a […]

Monday Motivation: Clean out your coffee maker

If you don’t drink a morning cup of coffee feel free to skip this Monday Motivation and pick something else to do.  If you do make coffee in the morning, you might want to pay attention because something yucky could be “brewing” (ha ha) in your coffee maker.  Over time minerals and impurities from the […]

Want clean hands?

With the warm weather arriving, I’ve been doing a lot of dirty work around Brown Wren Acres. I frequently work without gloves.  Why? you ask.  Well, I have very small hands and a lot of gloves are too large for me.  Also, I sometimes go outside to look around the yard and the next thing […]

Treasures from the past

On my way home from Home Depot (my home away from home) I stopped by a yard sale.  Lots of baby clothes, housewares, and knit fabric.  It seemed there was a mix of several generations of belongings. As I was leaving, I glanced into a beat up cardboard box at the end of the driveway.  […]

How to waterboard a chicken

Life is never dull at Brown Wren Acres. This past week we’ve have a chicken go “broody” on us. Broody? Yup, she wants to sit on eggs and hatch them. She wants to nest more than eating and drinking. Problem:  we have no rooster.  In order to have baby chicks you’ve got to have a […]

Tuesday’s tip: dryer ball alternative

This is what I’m trying out today.   I usually experiment with something before I tell you about it, but this was just too interesting to keep to myself.  You know that I am always trying to find ways to save money around the house.  I told you here and here how I dry my clothes.  […]