Totally His

I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive to share yesterday’s post.  “What will my readers think?” Well, so many of you emailed me and said the sweetest things.  Thank you. When it’s all said and done, though, what God thinks is most important to me.  And yesterday He told me that I am. […]

Tuesday Thrifting Treasures

Many of you know that one of my favorite hobbies is to scour thrift stores for hidden treasures. This past week I was able to indulge in this fun activity.  Here are a few of my finds. I paid $1.98 for the bird house thingy.  I paid another $1.98 for the cheese dome, .98 cents […]

Monday Motivation: Clothing purge

(this is not my closet) It’s that time of year when we need to go through our closets and purge out the old clothes and prepare for the new ones. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try and clean out your closets. I’m going to take you through the process, step by step.  This post […]

Laundry room storage

Yesterday, I showed you my newly painted/refreshed laundry room. Today, I’ll show you some of the storage areas I’ve created. Hubs added this little shelf to the left of my cabinets.  I store our dinner trays here.  When the weather is nice (April-October here in Chesapeake) we carry our meals out to our front screened […]

Laundry room redo

Well, she’s not completely completed.  I still have baseboards to make and crown moulding to install, but that won’t be ’til next week. My washer has to sit out farther than my dryer so I can open the cabinet door when the washer lid is open. (just a weird arrangement) Poor baby.  She was really in […]

Wrensday: Buzzing and Clucking

There’s a lot happening in my yard right now.  Lots of bees. New(old) skirts drying on the line will soon be made into upcycled aprons.                       Suzie’s taking care of any bugs trying to infest my garden.  Thanks, Suzie!

Laundry Room update

I’ve gone crazy with my paint brush.  I’ve been painting everything that doesn’t move.  Hubs is afraid to sit down because I might paint him! My utility room has been in sorry shape ever since we moved in.  The cabinets match the ones in my kitchen (sniff sniff) and they’re all a little wonky. I […]

Monday Motivation: Clean out your car

Is the inside of your car looking pretty bad?  Mine is.  After a whole season of running quickly from house to car – car to work – work to car – car to home to escape the cold and rain, my car interior has tak’n a beat’n.  Having worked in preschools for many years, I […]