Back porch shoe storage

Remember the back porch improvement project we embarked on last week?  Well, I’m still trying to improve the functionality of the space.  This week I added: A doormat and a shoe shelf.  I bought the shoe shelf at a local store called Roses for 8 dollars.  It’s made out of wood and I painted it […]

Got Beans?

In my quest to reduce my grocery bill but still feed my family nurishing food, I’m discovering different ways to shop and prepare food.  My latest adventure is beans.  I’ve always bought canned beans for chilli, soup, and other recipes.  The few times I tried to use dried beans, my family ended up eating crunchy […]

Sweet Little Gift

My SIL recntly gave me a present for no reason at all.  Yup.  Just up and gave me a present cuz she loves me.  She’s very good at thinking of just the right gift at the right time.  Here’s what she gave me: Three of my favorite things:  Flower pots, gardening gloves, and chocolate.  Thanks […]

Wrensday: Plant Updates

Remember last weeks little baby I planted in a coffee cup?  Well, look at her now!  In just a week’s time she’s turned into a beautiful grown up lady. Her ugly stepsister, the sweet potato, has not been invited to the Ball.  She still needs to green up a bit. Remember the seeds I started in […]

Porch Construction

Our back door leads right into our kitchen and gets a lot of use.  The door is right next to the stove and I’m always tripping over boots and shoes that my family has obediently removed from their feet upon entering the door.   We had an additional sliding back door but it lead to […]

Monday Motivation: Party Pantry

When I quickly prepared for an Open House last month, I was really glad I had taken the time to put together a party pantry.  I’m fortunate to have an extra area to store such items in the house I live in.  In our previous home, I didn’t have as much space, but I still […]

What’s For Dinner: Three Cheese Lasagna

Last night, for dinner, we enjoyed three cheese lasagna, spinach/orange salad with poppy seed dressing. Most people must have meat in their lasagna to be happy, but my family is perfectly happy to eat this lighter version. I originally got this recipe from the American Cancer Society’s cookbook but I’ve tweaked it quite a bit. […]

Etsy shop: new additions

I’ve been having a fun time at my sewing machine lately. Ever since I started my etsy shop on a snowy day, I’ve been on the look out for fun fabrics to upcycle into accessories to sell. I’m having a little problem, though. My friends are buying the items before I can even get them […]