2009 Blog Recap

When reading Jo-Lynne’s blog, Musings of a Housewife, I discovered a fun way to recap the blogging year. Below is a listing of the first line of the first post of every month in 2009. Please excuse my silliness. Remember, I’m new at this! January 5, 2009 My name is Kelly Miller and I live […]

Tidy Brown Wren learned a lot in 2009

This time last year, I didn’t know what a blog was. I had heard of blogs but, not being computer savvy, I had never read one. Boy, has my world grown since I discovered all of you! In doing marketing research for my business, Tidy Brown Wren: bringing order to your nest, I kept reading […]

Wrapping it up and putting it away

What to do with all of the wrapping paper, bags and bows left over after Christmas? Pack ‘um up and put ‘um away. I keep mine in a 40 inch Rubbermaid Wrap and Craft. It holds everything I need, keeping it clean and dry until next Christmas. First, I put my rolls of paper in […]

Christmas Pack-up

This time of year is always bitter-sweet for me. I love all of the Christmas decorations, but I’m also eager to have my house back to normal. That said, I want to show you how I pack up my decorations. First I grab my empty bins from the garage and clean out any debris from […]

Wrensday: Birdhouse ornaments

Our family loves birds, bird houses and feeding birds. For several years in a row we made little birdhouse ornaments for our friends and family. The base of the birdhouse is a simple unfinished wooden birdhouse shape that we purchased at Michaels. This gingerbread birdhouse was made by hammering a nail into the roof to […]

Holiday Tour

Welcome to my home! Thanks for traveling so far to see us. We hope you enjoyed the scenic drive and remembered to wave at the horses and sheep as you traveled down our country roads. Don’t let the screen door slam as you come onto our porch. Our little bird tree stands sentry at the […]

Monday Motivation: Keeping it simple

We’re all guilty of going a little crazy this time of year. You know, the flurry of activity that surrounds Christmas. Shopping, baking, crafting, partying etc. . . I was especially aware of the flurry while driving home the other day and I heard all manner of car horns going off. Apparently everyone had had […]

Peppermint Play dough

We’ve been having a great time playing with Peppermint Play dough in my preschool classroom. It was really easy to make in the microwave. I made a double batch for my class of 10 students, giving each one a generous amount to play with. My daughter is making some for her Little Gym students as […]