Monday Motivation: Gift Solutions

Now that you’ve made your lists and gotten your Christmas cards together it’s time to work on the gifts. If you’re like me you’ve squirreled a few gifts away during the year. Maybe some of you have even completed your shopping. If so, good for you! I’m not that organized yet. I actually like to […]

Advent Calendar: The next generation

Well, I finally finished the new advent calendar for my grandsons. I modeled it after the one I made for my own children 22 years ago. I used the basic pattern but changed a few of the details. I made Christmas ball ornaments instead of hearts. I also added number tags and old buttons from […]

Calendar wreath for Christmas

This past week I was invited to a friend’s house for a “wreath party”. This isn’t just any wreath. It’s an advent wreath that is focused on Christ. My friend, Amy, set up her dining room table with all of the items we needed to make this wreath. The only thing I had to bring […]

Monday Motivation: Christmas cards

As we head into the week of Thanksgiving I can’t help but think about what lies beyond. Thanksgiving comes a little later in November this year so it cuts into the time we “feel” like we have to get ready for Christmas. That said, we’ve got to get a jump on something that many people […]

Advent Calendar

I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and here I am pulling out the advent calendar. Well, I had to pull it out of the closet because I needed to use it for a pattern to make an updated version for my grandsons. This is the countdown calendar I made 22 years ago […]

Wrensday: Fall Wreath update

I’ve been puttering again. I’ve had my fall wreath up for a few months now and I’m a little tired of looking at it. Here it is in it’s original state. And here it is with a few additions. I added 5 little pumpkin picks evenly around the wreath. I think it adds a festive […]

Here I go again. Hide the spraypaint.

Because I was stuck inside for 5 days straight I did a lot of “nesting”. Because I did a lot of nesting, I got a little bit too obsessive about the finishes on some of my housewares. Because I became too obsessive about the finishes, I grabbed the spray paint. Who needs bright shiny lamps […]

Frightful Weather

Well, we’ve really had some rain lately due to a Nor’easter that blew in this week. It dumped many, many inches of rain (some say more than a foot) in our area which is already very close to sea level. All of the schools and many businesses were closed due to flooding and high winds. […]