A taste of Autumn: Ginger cookies

When the weather starts to cool down a bit, I am eager to get into the kitchen and do some baking. This recipe is always my “go-to” cookie recipe for enjoying that fall flavor. Now, I must tell you that these are not healthy in any way. But, they are soooooo good. Just the right […]

Monday Motivation: Organizing your earrings

Last week we looked at cleaning your jewelry. This week we will look at organizing your earrings. You can purchase special earring storage boxes, but I have found a less expensive option. I purchased a storage container for storing scrapbook charms. I got mine at Jo-Anne Fabrics on sale for $1.00. I am able to […]

Plant Tag Book

I love to garden but it is difficult to keep track of all of the plant tags that come with my new plants. The tags contain valuable information that I like to refer to. I found a solution for the many plant tags I have accumulated. Because I am a Filer and not a Piler, […]

Wrensday: Fall Decorations

I have been resisting the urge to put up my fall decorations because the temperature outside has been in the 90s. Well, this past weekend, the mercury finally dropped to 80 so out came the pumpkins and the leaves. I really like the change of scenery. Here’s a few of the changes I’ve made. I […]

Felt Plate Dividers

I came across this idea purely by accident. I had a plethora of pre-cut felt circles left over from a Vacation Bible School craft. I didn’t want to waste them so I was looking for a way to use them. I had traced the pattern from a dinner plate and that’s where I got the […]

Monday Motivation: Cleaning Jewelry

This is a little chore that many people don’t think about doing. It never occurred to me to do this until I went to one of those in-home jewelry parties. The consultant explained the importance of cleaning your jewelry regularly to keep it well maintained. Hmmm. . . makes sense. I won a party favor […]

Wrensday: Spider Lilies

I want to share one of my favorite plants with you. It is called a “Spider Lily” or a “Surprise Lily”. The botanical name is Lycoris radiata. It is called a Surprise Lily because it pops up around this time of the year, seemingly overnight. It does not have any foliage. I don’t remember ever […]