Watermelon Granita

Summer is winding down but the heat index is still in the triple digits here in southeastern Virginia. I’m in the mood for something cool. Here’s a recipe for Watermelon Granita that I found in Southern Living several years ago. 4 cups cubed watermelon, seeds removed2 TBL. lemon juice1/2 cup sugar (sometimes I use 1/4 […]

The many uses of clothes pins

A while ago I wandered onto this adorable blog and found an idea to make decorated clothes pins. I love to make cute crafts that can be made quickly (instant gratification) but I also like to make crafts that are useful. So I put on my thinking cap and brainstormed about some ways to use […]

Nibbled starfish

These are the sweet little starfish I have on the window sill of my downstairs powder room. If you look closely, you’ll notice the broken or “nibbled” tip of one of the smaller ones. Nibbled? Yes, nibbled. My 2 year old grandson thought they were cookies and took a bite out of one. Needless to […]

Monday Motivation: Silverware drawer

You know what happens. Life happens. It happens in your kitchen. It involves crumbs. Every person in your family uses the silverware drawer and they aren’t neat about it. Today is Monday and your motivation is to clean out your silverware drawer. Here’s what to do: 1. Take all of the silverware out of the […]

Free Plant Labels

After I made the Roman shade for my powder room using a mini-blind, I had a TON of leftover slats that I didn’t want to throw away. What to do?. . . what to do?. . . I know, I’ll make plant labels with them. I simply cut the slats into sections 4-5 inches long. […]

Powder Room Shade Project

I finally finished making a window shade for my downstairs powder room. Are they called powder rooms anymore? Anyhoo, the project wasn’t difficult. The hardest part for me was just GETTING STARTED! The whole project took me about 1 1/2 hours. The tricky part was perching on a kitchen chair that stood in my bathtub. […]

Homemade pillow cases

My little grandson is going to be a big brother soon. I’ve been excited about helping my daughter get things ready for the new baby even though I have to do it long distance (she’s in New England and I’m in Virginia). My first contribution is two pillow cases for the boys (they will be […]

Monday Motivation: Magazine Mess

It’s Monday. Time for some motivation to tackle one problem you may find in your home. I was motivated to clean out my magazine basket for two reasons. One, my basket was full and running over with publications (I love to read and I love magazines). Two, I found a really cute magazine rack on […]

Hummer makeover

Hummingbird feeder makeover, that is. My poor hummingbirds are having a hard time right now. It has been raining HARD for over a week now. All of my necter flowers have been beat down by the rain. To make matters worse, the moisture caused crud to grow on the hummingbird feeder. I have to help […]