Heirloom party

I was inspired by Emma Calls Me Mama’s Heirloom party and it got me to looking around my home for family heirlooms. I’ve gotten most of my family heirlooms by default. It’s usually because the other family members consider it to be junk. It is these very pieces that I fall in love with, more […]


I’m really a baby when it comes to dragging myself to the doctor. I act calm and cool on the outside, but on the inside I am frazzled and a little sick to my stomach. To help me get through blood work and exams I bribe myself with something. I’ve been to the doctor enough […]

Are you a “Filer” or a “Piler”

We all have a tendency to put items in certain places. Without thinking, we will either stack things (Pile) or stuff them away (File). It doesn’t matter which tendency you have as long as you can find what you want later. I, myself, am a Filer. I can’t stand to have things all over my […]

Banana Bread Recipe

So. . . we start where we left off yesterday. Thawing bananas that have been frozen. This batch of 6 bananas will make 2 loaves of bread. Cream together:(beat on medium speed for 2 minutes)3/4 cup sugar1/4 cup oil1/4 cup applesauce Add:2 eggs and beat for 30 seconds Add:3 bananas (cut open the end of […]

What to do with brown bananas

We eat a lot of bananas. But, during the summer, our bananas get brown and “speckled” pretty fast. Since I hate to waste anything, I’ve come up with a way to use them up. We only have 1-2 brown bananas at a time and that is not enough to make a loaf of banana bread. […]

God is good!

Bless the Lord,O my soul,and all that is within me,bless His holy name! He has done great things,He has done great things,He has done great things,bless His holy name! These words have been swirling around in my head. Written by Anreae Crouchin 1973 and performed by Watermark a few years ago. Love it!

Make a drawer out of a basket.

I have a love/hate relationship with my kitchen. I like to spend time in my kitchen, cooking and baking. But. . . I hate the way my kitchen is layed out. I have a lack of drawer and cabinet space. A kitchen re-do is not in the budget for a few more years thanks to […]

A little visitor

Hearing a ruckus outside my patio door, I went to take a look. I was able to observe a baby robin checking out the big wide world for the first time. My presence made him very nervous and made his mother freak out, so I left them alone and went back to my ironing pile.

Wren’sday: Rooting plants

It’s Wren’sday at Brown Wren Acres. Here is a picture of what’s happening at the kitchen window. I’m rooting Coleus for the butterfly garden and basil for the vegetable garden. My Grandma rooted Coleus in this same container when I was a little girl.

Fresh Summer Melon

It’s my favorite time of the year. The time when backyard gardens burst with wonderful, fresh produce. I really could eat my way through a garden. I LOVE fruits and vegetables. I’ve discovered that some people won’t purchase a whole melon because they are intimidated by slicing into a lumpy sphere with a knife. So. […]